Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nail Art with Tape

To get the look you will need 2 colors of polish, a top coat, scotch tape, and scissors.

1. Paint your nails with a base color. Then you want to paint the tape with your secondary color.

2. When your nails and the painted tape are dry take the tape and start cutting your design and then adhere to your nails. I found it helpful to cut a bunch of triangle shapes out at one time before adhering to my nails. The shapes you cut will get stuck to the scissors. I just leave the shapes stuck there until I'm ready to put the shapes on to my nails.  Once your done with your nail art seal with a top coat.
This is such an easy way to get fun nails. I was inspired by some nail stickers I bought my daughter. although I'm not one for manicured finger nails, but my little girls love to do nails. I just do way to much artisty tartsy stuff for that to make any sense. I do however like to do my toe nails especially during the summer time. If you are wondering I am using Wet & Wild Did I Dye to Blond which I don't like so much alone. With other colors it works well and it really glows in naturally light but is just a little to transparent for my taste. Follow Me on Glitter from the Kardashian Kollection by Nicole Opi. Hard as Wraps by Sally Hansen is my top coat, as my Baby Girl pointed out because I don't read directions. It is really a bottom coat. However despite that I think it is a powerful top coat that will have your at home mani lasting for about 3 days, love it.