Saturday, January 7, 2012

A dose of medicine.

I'm not one for celebrity red carpet fashion. anyone with a tone of money, good sense, and a personal stylist can look good. These are my favs who give me a bit of inspiration. I like seeing celebs who have personal style in their everyday life. I love the effortless style of Nicole Richie and Florence Welch. A few years ago I realized I love menswear. Ellen dresses better than any dude I know.
Subconsciously I might have gotten my love of sunglasses, hats, and long hair from Yoko Ono ( I only recently have gone short). I sometimes need to dress up a little and have started to style stalk Kate M. I've seen this Zara dress up for sale and I've been going back in forth about getting it. Should I?


  1. Who's the girl with red hair in the last pic?!
    I love nicole ritchie's style.

  2. That girl is the lovely Florence Welch