Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tribal Wrap Bracelet Diy ReVamped

I came up with this simple way to make a tribal bracelet that's so popular right now. I've seen other tutorials on other sites. has a good tutorials you might want to try also. However they all involved purchasing items to make closures for the bracelet (a step I just did not want to do).  I had some of those rubber wristbands laying around the house and thought hey this could work.You could also use an old bangle bracelet, but I'm not big on bangles for all day comfort wear.
Supplies: glue gun, embroidery thread, wristband bracelet, scissors

1. Tie thread and knot. Proceed to wrap the thread around the bracelet.

2. wrap thread around bracelet. When you get to the end of the thread tie on a new piece. Secure knot by adding a small dab of glue. A little glue goes along way. I did n't even squeeze the glue gun. I just dabbed the tip of the gun on the knot.

3. Repeat stapes 1-2 until you have completely wrapped your bracelet. Use various lengths of thread switching up the colors to add interest.

4. When you 've completely wrapped thread all around bracelet tie the thread you first started with to the thread you finished. Cut the stray ends and you are done.


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